Artist statement

Marina's work serves as a vehicle through which she explores her perception of the interconnectedness between things,
particularly seeking where they become harmonious. She draws inspiration from multi-cultural sources and a deep connection with nature in equal measure, and it is her belief that human beings need a strong relationship with nature in order to live a balanced life. Using a meditative approach when starting a piece, she works intuitively.
As in Animism (the belief that natural objects, natural phenomena, and the universe itself possess souls),
Marina aims to create pieces filled with breath, spirit and life. Each piece is intended to inspire one or more of the above aspects in the viewer in order to encourage a link between our inner nature and the natural world.
Her recent work is best described by the Japanese word Kami:

“The sacred element or spirit which can be contained in everything, expressed in an awe-inspiring way.”


Marina was raised in France, Africa and England, and now lives in Manchester.
In 1992 she completed her Fine Art degree, majoring in sculpture at Falmouth School of Art and Design and then going on to study Ceramics for two years.