How I started

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Inspired by a range of cultural sources, my work explores my relationship with and reverence for the world of nature. I believe that human beings need a strong relationship with the natural world in order to live a balanced life. We were once deeply connected – through our hearts – to forests, rivers, mountains, plants and animals, and our modern way of life is eroding this connection.

As in animism (the belief that natural objects, natural phenomena, and the universe itself possess souls), I aim to create pieces filled with breath, spirit and life. Hence, I use the Japanese word kami (a divine being or spirit in Shinto religion) to describe my work. My hope is that my pieces will inspire the viewer to rekindle the relationship between their own inner nature and the natural world.

My work is mostly figurative. I often begin with a meditative approach when starting a piece, working intuitively as I go. Paper porcelain is my preferred medium, but I also use other clay bodies. Each piece is fired multiple times.


I was raised in France, Africa and England, and now live in Manchester.

In 1992 I completed my Fine Art degree, majoring in Sculpture at Falmouth School of Art and Design before studying Ceramics for two years.